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Cakesicles, Chocolate Shapes & smashes

Cakes from Rachel.xx is pleased to offer the super trendy, cakesicles, chocolate shapes and smashes. A wonderful sweet treat alternative to traditional cakes and cupcakes! 



These have a chocolate shell (in the form of a traditional popsicle - hence the name!) and are filled with a blend of cake crumb and buttercream OR raw cookie dough (eggless).

Chocolate Shapes

Exactly the same as the cakesicles but not in popsicle form or presented on a stick. Instead they can come in various shapes such as geometric hearts, gems and flowers.

Chocolate Smashes

A chocolate shell in a novelty shape such as a geometric heart and filled with a variety of chocolates and sweets. Comes with a mini wooden hammer to smash through the chocolate shell to get to those treats!

Cakesicles, chocolate shapes and smashes can be themed/personalised and will be presented in gift packaging.

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